Tallinn Comedy Gala 

What could be better than 10 comedians sharing one big stage?*

Come and enjoy the best material from Stuart Goldsmith (UK), Mattias Naan, Henrik Kalmet, Tõnis Niinemets, Stewart Johnson, Kaisa Selde, Tigran Gevorkjan, Kaarel Nõmmik, Alexander Maloy (RU), Kadri-Maria Mitt, Kristjan Oden and Emmanuel Sonubi (UK). Expect finely crafted and rehearsed humour mixed with experimentation, and expect to laugh hard.

The show is almost entirely in Estonian but visitors are welcome to enjoy the three English-language acts and/or the incomprehensible beauty of Estonian language.

*One by one, not all together

Wednesday November 13th at 7pm @ Alexela concert hall Tickets here