Komeediklubi Festival Special

Komeediklubi, Estonia’s most laughable club has been putting on stand-up shows since 2010. We’ve brought you an impressive list of mostly UK-based comics, including Paul Foot, Zoe Lyons, Nick Doody, Will Franken, Joel Dommett, Stuart Goldsmith, John Gordillo, Felicity Ward, Pete Johansson, Joel Dommett and many others.

The Festival Special is, like the name suggests, special and it offers a superb English-language slice from the festival line-up.

London based Emmanuel Sonubi has been garnering himself a reputation as one to watch out for...

Ex-bouncer Emmanuel was born and bred in North London where he extracts most of his hilarious interactions with the vibrant cockneys and reprobates he has encountered. Now, as a father of two, the soon to be headliner has a wealth of material of playing pranks with his kids as well as his questionable parenting skills.

"Emmanuel is not only full of joy and weightlifting protein but he's also full of punchlines & hilarious routines. See him now before he gets too big for the clubs" - Patrick Monahan, Comedian

The Raymond and Mr Timpkins Revue simply have to be seen to be believed. They are without a doubt the maddest, silliest, stupidest, cleverest, strangest and everything else-ist as well as the funniest double act of comedians on the circuit.

Lightning fast choreography meets uber swift editing in a fantasmagorical collision of quality entertainment. An overload of velvet, sandals and multi-hued wool provides a startling accompaniment.

If you like music and let’s face it, who doesn’t, you’ll like it. If you like silliness, middle aged men dancing and unsavoury acts, you’ll probably love it. You should try it either way.

“This is comedy that reminds us why we go out to see live shows. And it wears its incredible skill, it’s comic genius so lightly one might think it’s just a bit of silliness” ★★★★★ The Scotsman

“A mad, anarchic triumph of stupidity over style. Not to be missed” - The Guardian

Last but not least, Vasiliy Medvedev is an extraordinary and bold stand-up comedian. In his observational comedy, Vasiliy carefully dissects every topic, finding inconsistencies even in the Bible. He is one of the main experimenters in comedy, a roaster and the owner of the most beautiful gait in the stand-up club. He has an interesting superpower - to determine who has what superpower. Member of the Stand-Up Club # 1 and "Stand Up TNT” show.

Thursday November 14th at 9pm @ Sõprus Cinema Tickets here