Joseph Morpurgo (UK)

It's 1983 and the buildings are burning. Joseph Morpurgo emerges, petrol-sodden, from the wreckage. Laden with found footage, forgotten characters, and other relics from an imagined past, Morpurgo drags us – clumsily, one-by-one – into the depths of his comic fantasia.

Odessa is an homage to a non-existent history. Taking snippets of old VHS recordings, Morpurgo extrapolates on, deduces from, and triumphantly artefactualises a discarded past. With a fistful of bizarre and surreal characters, Morpurgo connects-the-dots between the crackle and the fuzz, and delivers a poignant tribute to a world of people who never existed.

“It’s set to be a fine showcase for Morpurgo, whose sharp writing seems to be the equal of his A-grade acting talent.” - The Guardian

"Odessa is an exhilarating trip into the tirelessly inventive mind of an obvious talent." **** - Time Out

"A brilliantly ambitious and immersive piece of comic storytelling." - The Times

Wednesday, April 29th, 18.30 @ Von Krahl. Get your ticket here